Chornyak & Associates' affiliation with 
Commonwealth Financial Network® reaps benefits for you.

Investment choice
Commonwealth offers us access to a virtually limitless selection of third-party investment vehicles and truly objective, independent research from its in-house analysts. This helps ensure that we have the freedom to operate in your best interest.

Commonwealth's advisor-to-staff ratio is one of the best in the industry. This means staff members answer our calls promptly, execute transactions quickly and accurately, and, in general, offer Chornyak & Associates the same first-class treatment we strive to give you.

Commonwealth's integrated web-based systems allow us to more efficiently manage your portfolio and your overall financial picture.

Commonwealth is second to none in its commitment to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring that your investment data remains secure. From encryption standards to disaster-recovery plans and other measures, we are confident the information you trust us with will remain secure.

The Registered Representatives of Chornyak & Associates, a professional investment firm, are required to be affiliated with a broker/dealer by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

The fact that we've chosen to work with Commonwealth, an independent broker/dealer, means that our firm remains independent, too. We are free to act solely in your best interest, without bias or pressure to promote a particular product or strategy. This model differs from some other, larger financial firms whose representatives are accountable not just to their clients but also to the parent company that employs them. 

Commonwealth is also independently owned and managed, which means the firm retains the freedom to allocate resources where they are needed and to act in the best interests of its financial advisors and their clients—not shareholders.